Resident DJs

The Neonya!! Residents can be found playing at most of our shows, live or otherwise, and are truly instrumental in keeping the show going.

DJ Hexexen
Coming from a background in industrial music, Hexexen discovered J-Core in 2015 and has since been dropping the hyperactive beats at various cons and club events. When parties weren’t available last year, he played on several online festivals including Mogra’s own DJ Evangelion’s two Super Off! even…
SadeN plays what could be described as a reckless mix of the fastest club sounds from Japan - Ranging from fast hardcore to speedcore and all the way to the extra hard levels of rhythm game tracks. Recently she’s been venturing back into hardtek and even noise, so get ready
DJ Yukata
DJ Yukata plays most Finnish anime conventions, and has been with Neonya!! from the very beginning. Comfortable with a number of genres, he’s always looking to bring the next banger! Twitter:
DJ Aversal
Eager to tackle different styles, Aversal is on a mission to bridge Japanese and western dance music together to bring the best of both worlds to the dancefloor. Favorite genres include trance and j-core. Twitter:
DJ Kehveli
DJ Kehveli loves trance, house and game music tunes. His passion for music comes straight from the kokoro and he is not afraid of trying out new genres and styles. Twitter:
Hardcore producer and DJ from Finland, NEKA is known for his energetic sets that mix from the funkiest to the toughest of hardcore beats. With a decade of experience behind the decks and a style that brings together old and modern hardcore sounds from Japan to the West, your feet
One of the OG tricksters of the Finnish convention party scene, THMZ is a beloved character guaranteed to bring both the bangers and the memes wherever he goes. He’s also at home in psy and techno raves. Mixcloud:
DJ Tabbels
After years of stomping the dance floor, Tabbels decided to see what it is like on the other side of the decks. He likes to play sets in the style of Animatrix events. Twitter:
BLNQ (Blank) is known for breaking genre boundaries in his sets, covering a wide variety from anison to floor shaking remixes and eurobeat. Twitter:
DJ Rassyy
A relatively new face in the scene, Rassyy comes from a background of different genres of metal, understandably leading to a natural love of fast and hard kicks! As an avid fan of Touhou, beats of this particular persuasion are practically a guaranteed feature of his sets. Mixcloud: https://www.

RETIREES - We wish our previous residents all the best in their future endeavours and peaceful retirement days, where applicable ;)

Thank you so much for having been a part of Neonya 💜

DJ Angelica Roselie
Angelica Roselie is a Helsinki-based multi-genre DJ, by now a regular at Neonya!! events. Lately she’s been dropping a selection of J-Trance when on the decks! Mixcloud:
Angelica Roselie
DJ Movestache
DJ Movestache is one of the longest-running convention DJs in Finland, mashing anime music, electronic remixes and memes effortlessly together in his sets. Twitter: