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Neonya!! Party New Year's: Tropical Rave

31.12.2021 Tiivistämö, Helsinki

21:00 - 04:00

K-18, doors 21:00

Notice of Cancellation

With heavy hearts we're forced to cancel our New Year's party at Tiivistämö on 31.12.2021, following the newly released COVID restrictions for events and venues.

The cabinet decided yesterday that beginning 28th of December all bars and clubs have to close their doors by 18:00 and to limit their capacity to half of its maximum. Additionally the EU corona pass will be rendered void for the time being, and these circumstances unfortunately do not allow us to proceed with the planned festivities.

Our ticket sales partner Tiketti.fi will be contacting everyone who bought a ticket about postponing or refunding of their tickets. Note however that all ticket sales services are experiencing heavy customer service loads, due to which contact might take until next week. Please stay patient as we work through this mess!

Our next event in Helsinki has been scheduled for Saturday 26th of March 2022, likewise at Tiivistämö. All existing tickets bought for the New Year's event will be valid and transferable to this next event by default and ticket holders don't need to take any action. Alternatively you can choose to be refunded.

We will do our best to preserve the line-up from the New Year's event for the March event, but due to a number of unknown variables this is not guaranteed. We will inform you on the specifics as we know more at a later date.

In the meanwhile, we welcome you to join our Discord community for all sorts of fun and games, as well as information on our upcoming stream events and more.

- Neonya!! Party & Tiivistämö

Original Event Info below:

Welcome 2022 with the hyperiest party in town! Neonya!!'s New Year is filled with happy hardcore, Y2K vibes and as always, a selection of Japan's finest underground club music! Join us on our trip to tropic with two stages, chilled cocktails and a whopping 14 artists and DJ's!

Guest Lineup



One of the top producers of modern Happy Hardcore, Hands Up and Euphoric Hardstyle, Quickdrop has taken the scene like a storm with banger after banger released on labels such as Tweekacore's and Darren Styles' Electric Fox, Bionic Bear and his own Wuze Music. Known for his hit tracks like Shake Your Body and Keeps Me High, this Gothenburg-based artist fills dancefloor after dancefloor and keeps those hands in the air all night long!



Shirobon brings you a unique sound combining the best parts of chiptune, synthwave and early 00's dance music without any regard for genre boundaries. His Melodic, atmospheric and often full-stomping rave beats are a staple in several rhythm games and his energetic shows have filled up dancefloors from London to Tokyo for a decade.

No Hero


Fast-rising finnish hard dance producer No Hero is hitting the major spotlight with recent support from artists such as S3RL, Jonas Aden and Quickdrop. With a few major releases already under his belt and a lot more dropping soon, he's determined to make it in the big leagues sooner than later. No Hero has also gained fame with his several hard dance remixes of various songs on Soundcloud - This is a set you don't want to miss!


Neonya Residents


Angelica Roselie is a Helsinki-based multi-genre DJ, by now a regular at Neonya!! events. Lately she's been dropping a selection of J-Trance when on the decks!



Eager to tackle different styles, Aversal is on a mission to bridge Japanese and western dance music together to bring the best of both worlds to the dancefloor. Favorite genres include trance and j-core.



BLNQ (Blank) is known for breaking genre boundaries in his sets, covering a wide variety from anison to floor shaking remixes and eurobeat.



Coming from a background in industrial music, Hexexen discovered J-Core in 2015 and has since been dropping the hyperactive beats at various cons and club events. When parties weren't available last year, he played on several online festivals including Mogra's own DJ Evangelion's two Super Off! events that featured DJ's from all around the globe.



DJ Kehveli loves trance, house and game music tunes. His passion for music comes straight from the kokoro and he is not afraid of trying out new genres and styles.

VJ/DJ Rustoga is once again tagging along for double trouble!



Literally an underground niche internet micro celebrity producer with co-signs from Baauer, Kenny Beats and Disclosure to name a few. At his DJ sets Kyyhky plays the hottest anime bass and dance music and hyperpop. His mission as a DJ is to bring Gangnam Style back on the dance floors.



DJ Movestache is one of the longest-running convention DJs in Finland, mashing anime music, electronic remixes and memes effortlessly together in his sets.



SadeN plays what could be described as a reckless mix of the fastest club sounds from Japan - Ranging from fast hardcore to speedcore and all the way to the extra hard levels of rhythm game tracks. Recently she's been venturing back into hardtek and even noise, so get ready and expect the unexpected.



After years of stomping the dance floor, Tabbels decided to see what it is like on the other side of the decks. He likes to play sets in the style of Animatrix events.



One of the OG tricksters of the Finnish convention party scene, THMZ is a beloved character guaranteed to bring both the bangers and the memes wherever he goes. He's also at home in psy and techno raves.



DJ Yukata plays most Finnish anime conventions, and has been with Neonya!! from the very beginning. Comfortable with a number of genres, he's always looking to bring the next banger!

Neonya!! Party!

See you on New Year's!