Past Events

Tracon x Neonya!! Party at Tullikamari, Tampere 3.9.2022

Neonya!! Party joins forces with Tracon, one of the largest non-profit anime and role-playing conventions in Europe! Headlined by the eurobeat legend Dave Rodgers and his son Kaioh, both who perform in Finland for the first time ever, the night will be something truly unique.

Neonya!! WEEB at EastBOP Festival at Tiivistämö, Helsinki 30.7.2022
Photos from EastBOP Festival 2022
EastBOP Festival 2022 was held in Tiivistämö, Helsinki on 30.7.2022, featuring artists Yukata, BLNQ, Aversal, Angelica Roselie, NEKA, SadeN, Akatsuki, Neodash Zerox, Rassyy, Serica Kitty, THMZ and Hexexen. Photography by minapamina.

Neonya!! HARD<3CORE at Mixei, Tampere 25.5.2022
Photos from Neonya!! Party Hard💜Core Tampere (25.5.2022)
Neonya!! Party Hard💜Core 1 was held in Mixei, Tampere on 30.7.2022, featuring DJs Hexexen, SadeN, Meke, Mättö Mättö Män, THMZ, Angelica Roselie and Rassyy.

Matsurave x Neonya!! Party at Basso Club, Oulu 6.5.2022
Photos from Matsurave x Neonya!! Oulu (6.5.2022)
Matsurave x Neoyna!! Oulu was held in Basso Club, Oulu on 6.5.2022, featuring DJs Aversal, Yukata, Hexexen, Ile Vaan, NEKA, Rassyy and SadeN.

Neonya!! Party Tropical Rave at Tiivistämö, Helsinki 26.3.2022
Photos from Neonya!! Tropical Rave (26.3.2022)
Neonya!! Tropical Rave 1 was held in Tiivistämö, Helsinki on 26.3.2022 and featured artists Quickdrop, Mättö Mättö Män, No Hero, Angelica Roselie, Aversal, Hexexen, Kehveli, Kyyhky, Movestache, NEKA, SadeN, THMZ, RonRon, Tabbels and Yukata. Photography by Samael Creative.

Neonya!! Party Halloween at Tiivistämö, Helsinki 30.10.2021
Photos from Neonya!! Hard Sound Halloween (30.10.2021)
Neonya!! Hard Sound Halloween 1 was held in Tiivistämö, Helsinki on 30.10.2021 and featured artists Tanukichi, Neodash Zerox, Project Red, NEKA, SadeN, Hexexen, Tracid Voyager, BLNQ, Yukata, Angelica Roselie, THMZ and Weeaboomer. Photography by Samael Creative.

Neonya!! Party at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä 8.10.2021

Neonya!! Stream Live! at Tiivistämö, Helsinki 11.9.2021

Neonya!! Party at Möysän Musaklubi, Lahti 7.8.2021

Neonya!! Party Park at Nylanderin puisto, Helsinki 17.7.2021

Neonya!! Party at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä 29.8.2020
Photos from Neonya!! Party Jyväskylä (29.8.2020)
Neonya!! Party Jyväskylä 1 was held in Ilokivi, Jyväskylä on 29.8.2020 and featured DJs Yukata, Movestache, NEKA, BLNQ, Hexexen and Kehveli, with VJ Rustoga. Photography by Paavo Ylämäki.

Neonya!! Party Park at Nylanderin puisto, Helsinki 1.8.2020