Photos from Neonya!! Party: Hardcore Heat (3.6.2023)

Photos from Neonya!! Party: Hardcore Heat (3.6.2023)
Mat Weasel Busters performing at Neonya!! Party: Hardcore Heat at Tiivistämö, Helsinki on June 3rd, 2023

Neonya!! Party: Hardcore Heat was held at Tiivistämö, Helsinki on 3.6.2023, featuring Mat Weasel Busters, Daniel Seven, Bionator Project, Mättö Mättö Män, DJ Degradation, Tracid Voyager, DJ Aversal, DJ BLNQ, DJ Serica Kitty, DJs THMZ B2B RonRon, SadeN, DJ Rassyy, DJ Yukata, DJ Hexexen and NEKA.

Fantastic photography as usual by Samael Creative.
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