Neonya!! W.E.E.B 27.4.2024 at Wäiski, Helsinki

Neonya!! W.E.E.B 27.4.2024 at Wäiski, Helsinki
Neonya!! W.E.E.B April 27th at Wäiski, Helsinki


April 27th 2024, Ravintolalaiva Wäiski, Helsinki
Doors: 20:00 - 04:00
Age limit: 18 and over

Get ready for the biggest anime & otaku club night in Finnish history! This April Neonya!! W.E.E.B brings the Akihabara style right to the heart of Helsinki with two distinct dance floors on the decks of Ravintolalaiva Wäiski.

Top floor of the ship hosts the main stage as well as large bar and seating area to chill and rest your legs, with access to the open air outdoors deck. Second stage is located in the stylish club built in the cargo hold of the boat.

Please note that the event is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

AEM PROJECT (ES): Arzmengar, DJ Denpanic, Hikikomonster, Niwa Zero
rainry (SG/UK)


The master of eurobeat remixes and meme-worthy beats, TURBO drifts to Helsinki for his first set in the capital city! Get ready to be blown away by the fast beats of tarmac-burning anime and pop music remixes, all in 100% eurobeat style!

AEM Project: DJ Hikikomonster, Arzmengar, Niwa Zero, DJ Denpanic

All the way from Barcelona, the AEM Project collective lands their decks into Helsinki for a fierce mix of anime and J-pop beats! DJs Arzmengar, DJ Denpanic, Hikikomonster and Niwa Zero are known as regular floor-fillers in Spain's vivid anime party scene and are set to rock the boat with full force on April 27th.

DJ rainry

Likewise visiting international DJ rainry will bring with her a an unmatched platter of the hottest makina, J-core and perhaps even trance bootlegs of anison and rhythm game classics old and recent!

DJ Weeaboomer

DJ Weeaboomer returns behind the decks with the golden anison classics of yesteryear! Dance to the opening themes of your childhood favourites and all the classics you'd long ago forgotten.

DJ Yukata

An anime party just wouldn't be complete without DJ Yukata, a true cornerstone of the finnish otaku scene and a mainstay at Neonya!! events. Brace for a ground-shaking set of anime and idol remixes topped with surprising mash-ups and flips!

DJ Tabbels

Much-requested master of current anime bangers DJ Tabbels returns to Helsinki for a spin of your favorite anison originals from the latest season to the most memorable tunes of 2020s.

DJ Kehveli

A veteran of the convention party scene, DJ Kehveli brings us the most memed tracks of the internet mixed with game music remixes that will get your feet moving. Get ready to be hyped to the max, almost to your final form!

DJ Aversal

This time, DJ Aversal's got your back with the sexiest future funk and disco tunes!


Ineski played his debut set at Desucon Frostbite this spring and blew the roof off with a mix of vocaloid and EDM bangers. His sound is something rarely heard on these latitudes, so get ready to raise those glowsticks true Tokyo style!


Last but not least, exciting news: Nanancchi is already known as a VJ and video editor in the finnish anime convention scene, but this event will serve as her very first gig as a DJ!
You can expect smooth synthwave and house tunes from her in the lower deck's opening slot. We wish our newcomer great success!

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